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This album is 100% FEMALE. It was performed by, recorded by, mixed and mastered by women.

FEMME FATALE is Jennah, Tattyani, Anais and Kayla with a backing band featuring Ava Mendoza on guitar, Gabriela Baez on bass, Briana Barber on piano and Savannah Harris on drums. Vocal and songwriting coaching by Fay Victor.


Anais Richard is a 13-year-old 8th grader from Brooklyn, New York, who will be attending fort Hamilton High School in the fall. This is her second time doing vibe and she loves it. She enjoys tumblr, playing drums and Doctor Who. She credits Nina Simone as her greatest inspiration.


I've been shy for as long as I can remember, but the minute I got comfortable with myself there was a side to me many didn't see often or at all. When I was younger I was told "Don't be so weird", "You can't always act like that". As I got older my close friends and the adults I looked up to, tried any method they could that would help me come out of my shell and encourage me when I needed it. Now in high school , the people I hold dear to my heart tell me all the time to embrace how shy and weird I am and to never be something I know deep down I'm not. Singing and music has always been something I've been passionate about. There have been many times were I saw every sign that I should just give up and music happened to be the only reason I didn't. My mother saw the love I had and has always tried to find whatever program she could so that not only would I learn more about music but enjoy learning it as well. Every show she could make it to, she made sure there was a bouquet of roses waiting for me and her dedication to supporting me has always pushed me to the best I can and make her proud. My love for music as always been there, but there would be no room for it to grow without the support of my parents. viBe has given me a voice and the chance to be heard. I want them to know I am so thankful for the opportunity. I want to thank the band , Ms. Fay , Ms. Toya , Jennah , Tattyani , Anais , Starr and Syniah for always helping me out and bearing with me. Most importantly I would like to thank Monique or as I know her Mo. I don't think she has any idea how much of a mentor she has been to me or how much being in her presence every Monday & Wednesday has changed my life . Seeing her accomplish her dreams gives me every push I need to accomplish mine. Making this album has been amazing experience and I'm so glad I had the chance to be a part of it.


I am 18-years-old and love music. I'had an early affection for art, since I was two. Everyday, you can find me at school with my earphones on listening to Amy Winehouse. She is the biggest influence on my music. Other music I listen to is Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and Curtis Mayfield. When I'm not listening to music, Im writing songs, annoying my mother and giving my brother lots of hugs. In the next five years, I see myself being signed to a record label and working on an album.


My name is Jennah Allen but most people call me "Juice".. I'm a Taurus and I like to take care of my business and I'm strong minded about my goals in life. I have many talents. I sing, dance, act, and make art. I'm an artist and I enjoy creating to express different facets of myself . I have a huge personality when I get comfortable around a person, but I am also shy. I'm young with an old soul. I tend to hang with all group types because I'm diverse in the sense that I can relate to people of all kinds.


released June 11, 2017


All music written by:

Jennah, Kayla, Anais, Tattyani, Starr and Syniah

Music Director:

Monique Letamendi

Performed by:

Vocals - Jennah, Kayla, Anais and Tattyani
Guitar - Ava Mendoza
Bass - Gabriela Baez
Drums - Savannah Harris
Piano- Briana Barber

Songwriting and Vocal Coaching by Fay Victor

Recorded by Lily Wen at Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn, NY

Mixed and Mastered by Tamara Kachelmeier



all rights reserved


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